Monday, August 31, 2015

Getting Ready To Get On The Road

Aug 31, 2015

Is this a dream? Or did we actually decide to do this?

That is, take our car, load it up and set out on a cross-country road trip? 

That is, leave Brooklyn behind and travel across the vast expanse of our country to the west coast? And then turn around and return? 


Readers will remember that we did just that, two years ago, as we helped Dani and Erik move from Virginia to Washington state. We drove one of their two cars and they the other. They had their two boys. We had their two dogs and, yes, our little dog as well. Can you conjure up that sight? Three dogs in our back seat as we drove through New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho and Washington. But the difference between then and now? Then, we only drove one way, flying back from Seattle. We also had to get out there within a specified time frame. This time, we're driving both directions with no time constraints and only one little dog, the easy traveler, Little Biggie Weinstein.

This little fella will be coming along for the ride.
On the way, we'll stop and dwell here and there in cities, towns and countryside and drive through,  around  and over  the prairies, mountains, valleys and canyons of our country. We'll stop to see some of our great national parks, crisscross the Rockies, visit the Tetons, explore Yellowstone and stay a while in Washington state with our daughter, Dani, son-in-law, Eric and grandsons, Sammy and Ethan. Then we'll drive down the west coast through Oregon and California, visit our friends Ann and Alex in Glen Ellen and stop in Los Angeles to hang out with our son Mike and his girlfriend, Jamie and visit with friends, Tamar and Jay. Oh, and spend some with great cousins, Susan and Muriel, out there too!

Eventually, we'll head back east using the southern route (temperatures permitting by then) as we've never been to the great southwest ... we'll visit Albuquerque and Santa Fe...and then on and on (and anon) to Brooklyn.

It sounds very ambitious. It is very ambitious!

And it sounds like a plan, right? Wrong! We haven't even begun to plan our route, lazy and laid back travel planners that we are. So far only this: a few days in Pittsburgh or nearby Ohio to spend time with my sister who lives there. Beyond that, only a single hotel reservation in St. Louis. Other than that, well, nothing! Except that after St. Louis, we'll make a beeline to Denver and the Rockies.

We're leaving this Sunday. And we're back in early October.

Please wish us good travelling. I'm hoping you'll come along with us via this travel blog.

See you all on the road.

- Stacey, Matt. And Little Biggie.


This is the route of Day No. 1 - this coming Sunday.


  1. And a stay in Glen Ellen with good friends who miss you. By then they expect you'll be towing a

  2. looking forward to sharing the adventure, we live in a great country and not enough of us get to see it's beauty , God Speed Hank