Monday, September 7, 2015

Getting To Know You

Sep 7, 2015

Woke up to a beautiful and bright Labor Day. The headache which developed upon our arrival last night and that found its way to the innards of my head, directly behind my right eye, continued through the night. But this morning, thankfully, it was gone.

I did my ablutions, shaved and then asked myself if I wanted to shower or just throw myself in to the inviting and still waters of Atwood Lake for a morning dip. The lake won. I walked down to the water at the far end of Duba's back yard and descended to the dock. I slipped into the water and swam a few yards out, thrilling to the quietude and serenity of this conservation lake in eastern Ohio, just a few hours west of Pittsburgh.

Shower or swim? The lake won!
Biggie is ready to play ball.
I'm ready to take a dip.

A lone fisherman on Lake Atwood
at 8 o'clock on Labor Day morning.

These steps lead down to the lake
below Duba's lovely back yard.
 Little Biggie followed me down to the water and barked at me as I glided away from him in the dark waters of the lake. He's not a water dog so he didn't join me, alternately approaching the end of the dock, barking and then retreating to the safety of the shore.

And who else followed me down to the water? My sweet grand niece Maya. I love both of Kris' daughters. Maya is four. Jona is eight. It's a whole different thing when they're both around. Having just one is a special treat, a totally different dynamic. One on one. I noticed this phenomenon with my grandsons. On a recent visit to Washington, we planned an outing to a children's theater in Seattle. But Ethan came down with a cold and so Stacey, Sammy and I spent the day in the city - just the three of us. That was a special day because we could have that alone time with Sam, observing him, relating to him, talking to him and enjoying him without the input of Ethan's brotherly "love" and presence added to the mix.

Biggie and Maya followed me down to the lake.
My sweet litle grand niece, Maya.
Getting to know her.
And so it is on this visit to Ohio. I'm getting to know Maya much more. The same, I think, is true for her. She's getting to know and enjoy her Uncle Matt.

A very special visit this time.


  1. Hate to break it to you but Maya may have beat out Biggie as far as cuteness goes.

  2. just beautiful! Kid, pup, all ofit!

  3. NJ is so freak'n long, but looks like it was worth it. Glad you were able to enjoy, headache free...enjoy!!

  4. Can you imagine... a world living in peace? The working class together can make it a reality.
    Matt, keep imagining...
    peace and solidarity
    gabe and Tina